Twirls of karma

Ifeoma and her son stepped out of the courtroom some few minutes later with Ebuka hot on their heels.

“Ifeoma why are you this wicked? That boy is my son and you know it.” He said through glassy eyes.

Ifeoma turned to him with challenge in her eyes, she was furious and would have slapped him but before she could respond Jason stepped out in front of her standing between her and Ebuka.
She watched his strong back as son looked father eyeball to eyeball.

“I sympathise with you Mr. Ekele for your loss. However you lost the right to call me your son when you betrayed my mother. You will never be my father; as a matter of fact I already do have a father who did not care that my own father called me a bastard. If you would excuse us, we have to be on our way.”

Jason turned to his mother who was word stuck, she was in awe of him as he took her hand, interlocked his fingers in hers and led her out of the court building. Ifeoma smiled when she was seated at the owner’s corner of her Jeep, today she hadn’t needed to pay back, life had paid him back in his own coin.





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