Man of the South 2

I paid my bills at the counter and headed out to my small car with the trolley in front of me. Without wasting time, I packed the items into my trunk and entered my car and was about to drive out of the car park when I saw Mr. handsome flagging me down. I groaned and put my car in reverse. I was not ready for that conversation, I had already gotten what I wanted.

I screeched to a halt when he got to the back of my car and there is no way I could have moved without running him over and I was not ready to mess my fine blue car with any blood or brain matters.
I waited and he came to my window trying to catch his breath so I rolled down.

“Hi, sorry for making you stop like that, but can I get your number?”

I watched his mouth until he asked for my number and suddenly the alarm in my head went ‘bla, blarr, blarrr!’

“It… it is not what you are thinking. I believe you are a great marketer.”

I guess my face must have betrayed me so I smiled. He was right, I was a marketer in a multi billion dollar company, I guess the skill was already embedded in my blood, which was why it had been easy to get him buy a product I wasn’t even selling.

“So, it is just for business. My father has a company that I am running and I would love your expertise advise on branding.” He added when I didn’t respond.

I breathed in relief, I was not ready to get in the middle of any marital drama. I gave him my number and drove off.

The following three months I got to know Mr. handsome better, I found out his name was Festus and he was from Cross Rivers State. I also found out that he was married to an Igbo girl and they had been married for five years without a child and they had grown apart. He even took me to his home one day and I witnessed Chisom’s onslaughter on his ego.

I heard her for myself as she abused him and called him impotent. My heart went out to him. I formed my own opinion about her that moment. She hadn’t even acted like she cared that her husband brought in another woman into the house and all his pleas to at least wait until his visitor was gone fell on deaf ears. I didn’t eat anything in their house that day as Festus took me out a few minutes later apologising profusely for what I had experienced.

On my own I invited him to my house because I couldn’t begin to imagine the emotional trauma he was going through having a wife with that kind of killer mouth. I had heard of men who suffered domestic abuse and for the first time it was real. He had been so broken that day that I couldn’t exactly explain what happened but one thing led to the other and we ended up in bed together. We were not sorry it happened. For me it was like I needed to prove it to his wife that she was wrong and didn’t know what she had.

I got pregnant too quickly but I was overjoyed because I was sure that Festus was mine. We had bonded after our first time together and it happened every other day after that. We had something beautiful, or so I thought. He asked me to move into his house. At first I thought it was awkward considering his wife’s temper but when he assured me that it was all mouth and no bite and that my pregnancy would shut her mouth also that I would make her ashamed she had called him impotent. I was all too happy to show his wife that she had lost a good man. He also assured me that he wanted to be sure I didn’t suffer any lack.

So off I went, I packed my bags and moved into his house. Yes, we stayed in the guest room and he shared the room with me in the first three months by then madam was still throwing herself around like she owned the place and didn’t care that her husband was having any affair with me right under her nose. There were days he would go to her room but he had assured me he was just doing it so that she would peacefully grant him a divorce so that we could get married since he couldn’t legally marry me while being married to her. He took care of my bills and I didn’t have to worry. I even resigned my job because he said he didn’t want me to be stressed at all and trust me being a marketer was the definition of the word stress.

Most of my friends didn’t know where I had disappeared to and my family? They were worried sick plus I hadn’t told them I was pregnant for a married man and living in his home. How could I? I only assured my mom I was all right and would come home soon.

Festus was ever the gentleman, he cooked for me, washed and ironed my clothes. He even got a hairdresser and beautician to take care of my hair and nails for the nine months I was pregnant.

The turn started on the eighth month of my pregnancy, I must have missed madam’s wahala because she was not in the house from the fourth month.

At first I hadn’t noticed that she suddenly disappeared or maybe I thought she got jealous and just left. But sometime within the sixth month I asked Festus about her and he said she travelled. What was my business? I was glad she was gone and I hoped that she would never return and if she did, Festus and I would have become man and wife.


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