Lawrence sat in his 20 by 30 meters office staring lazily at the television opposite his desk. He was finding it difficult fixing the rate for the new brand his company was planning to lunch by the end of the year. The plan for a new line of healthy snacks had been underway since last year and considering the recent inflation in the country they were at loss as to whether to continue with the plan or leave it until the economy lifted again.

He had been named the youngest successful Chief Executive Officer of the year and he was making efforts to maintain that title this year too. He toyed with his pen, hitting it against his teeth. Costille television was showing a video clip of the Senators throwing blows and chairs at each other. He hissed. Men without vision or purpose angered him. If only they had plans to move the country forward they would not be throwing blows at each other. Here he was racking his brain on how much of the healthy snacks Sarduana Vane Ltd should produce and at what price it should be sold to the wholesalers and these men who earned salaries as fat as an Elephant were busy throwing chairs at themselves. What vexed his spirit the most was that they collected sitting allowance only to spend most of the time sleeping and fighting.

“How different are these guys from animals for crying out loud? Can they not have a decent conversation?” he hissed again.

He was the CEO but that never stopped his staff, board members or officers from disagreeing with him. He probably was going to call a meeting to ask their opinion on the level of production that would not bite too much into their profits or cause them a huge loss. The problem in this country was exactly like Mclively said, ‘agidi’ otherwise why wouldn’t one person say his own and allow the other to say his own too.

Shameless politicians.

He turned to look towards the glass walls of his office and saw her, the 5 feet 7 inches slim light skinned lady. He watched as she put one foot in front of the other, her hips swayed left, right, left, right as she walked. Her steps were brisk and calculated. The black and red gown she wore accentuated her shape. He was sure the cloth was sown specifically for her because it fitted perfectly without any folds or extra space. She walked with such grace that he wondered if she were a model but with that set face he didn’t think any designer would have her model her clothing line without forcing her to smile a bit. He could tell she was a size 8 without being told and the way she clutched that bag, he was sure if she swung it she could safely take down an attacker coming from behind her.

Lawrence watched her talk to his secretary for a few minutes and lowered his eyes quickly just in time to avoid being caught staring. His intercom rang at the same time. He avoided looking up embarrassed that he might have been caught staring and feeling guilty he slowly picked the receiver then placed the call on speaker struggling to keep in check his anxiety to meet this beautiful lady and know what she was in his office for. He was certain he had never met her before, with that carriage he was sure he could never have missed her if he had previously seen her.

“… a lawyer. She says its personal.”

Lawrence heard his secretary say in her soft sing-song voice. He smiled, she was his cousin and he was prepping her for a bigger position. He loved that she was learning really fast.

“Should I let her in?” Chigozie asked him over the intercom.

“Sure.” He responded, looking straight through the glass walls, this time training his eyes to focus on Chigozie, he needed to look uninterested but he was not sure he was doing well in that regards. But why would a lawyer be looking for him? and personally? That was strange, his company had a legal department and the company lawyers took every legal correspondence.

He knew they had a number of cases in court, the most recent of which was the one with Berrylyn Ltd, a passing off case, but that just Emmanuel flexing muscles because his Basil Pesto cake was in every way different from his lemon Basil Cake. And the fact that his company packed their Basil Pesto Cake in a Lemon colored bag did not in any way pass off as Berrylyn Ltd’s Silver and green packaging. Besides the names of each product were written differently. Emmanuel was only angry that Sarduana Vane’s Cakes tasted better and was fast taking over the market and preferred in traffic to Berrylyn’s Lemon Basil Cake.

Lawrence squared his shoulder as Miss perfect stepped into his office, he followed the sway of her hips, he swore that if he made a beat for her step she would totally make a perfect drum beat. He regulated his breathing, no need to get hyper but she literarily took his breath away and that didn’t happen often, no make that never happened.

“Good day Mr. Lawrence Chimdi Agu. I am Ms. Nnekwu.” She said, standing over him with her chin raised high and her right hand stretched out in front of her.

Lawrence smiled, amused. He estimated her to be in her late 20’s but with that stance, an easily intimidated man would presume her arrogant but not him. He naturally loved confident women, his mother was one and he adored her. She had built this company from scratch. Talking about his mother he knew she would love this one, they were of the same breed.

He got to his feet and took her hand in his. Ms. Nnekwu gave him a firm handshake, he was pleased. “It is nice to meet you Ms. Nnekwu. Unfortunately, I don’t know you and I suspect that you have done some background checks on me whereas I haven’t got the chance to do likewise.”

She retrieved her hand, “Can I sit?”

“Oh, forgive my manners. Please have a seat.”

“Thank you.” She lowered herself into the seat behind her and crossed her legs, dropping her bag on the floor beside her.

Lawrence watched her keenly he liked her already. She definitely looked like the kind of person he would love to get to know better and possibly share his life with. Something told him she was his wife but who was he to determine that.

“I am here to ask you politely not to send any more men to kill or harass me otherwise I will report you to the police and pull you down completely.”

Lawrence’s eyes shrunk to a slit, it had been difficult to concentrate on what she had been saying, with her red lips opening and closing and him imagining what it would be like taking those lips in his but he had heard her quite alright.


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