Coming Soon

King Buni laughs again but in a split second King Aara draws his sword and slashes off his head in a clean cut while the laughter is still in his mouth. King Buni’s body falls to the ground in a thud and his head fall off on it’s own. Silence falls in the palace and even King Aara’s soldiers are stunned.

One of King Buni’s men takes off and runs into the town screaming.

King Aara kicks the bleeding body aside, bends and picks up the head. As he turns to leave his soldiers fall in place behind him and silently follow him out of the palace.

As they make their way through the town, a number of young men stop them and challenge them. While one man asks the king ‘How dare you enter our town and behead our king?’, other shout in concurrence. Another voice shouts ‘Answer his question or you are dead meat’.

King Aare pulls his sword and the next thing swords are clanging, bodies are falling. Many more villagers troop out. King Aare becomes furious. He is injured. The more people he kills the more vicious and inhuman he becomes to the point of licking the blood. Many of his men are dead some are badly wounded. He screams.


Battalion one, pull back!


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