Ice for heart cont’d (19b)

Who would have believed that that seemingly snobbish, spoilt sister was a spiritual giant herself? Right from the day he had a revelation about her, he had gone from one person to the other making inquires and all he got as response were that she was an only child who got everything she wanted when she needed it and rarely ever took no for an answer.
Through fifteen years of marriage he had seen her transform and grow into a woman whose side he never wanted to leave. There had been tough days but her strength in those days were his best gift ever. Five years of marriage he couldn’t father a child, yet she stayed with him despite knowing his frailty. It was in those years that she blossomed from the self centered, spoilt child who got anything she wanted to this woman who understood that sacrifices does open doors. He couldn’t agree more, she had made a lot more sacrifices than most wonderful people he knew. The Holy Spirit was right when he had pointed him her way, fifteen years ago and today he was the better for obeying.

He flinched and inhaled sharply when the water touched his skin. Goodness! The water was just as cold as the Air Conditioned sitting room he had come out of, probably even colder. At least he had been properly clothed under the AC in contrast to the feel of the water against his skin. He hurriedly laddered his body, he wasn’t ready to wait for water to heat up instead he chose the duvet after bathing.

He let his mind wander over the events of the day and wondered if he should mention it to his wife or not. He had heard rumours that Ezinne was seeing a very rich importer who lived in South Africa; even though it was a rumour from experience he knew that there was no smoke without fire. 

He shrugged it off, her husband is gone and she was free to remarry. The only thing that baffled him was how news about Ezinne still gained popularity even though she was in prison, bad news does have wings. He passed through the children’s room when he was done bathing, the picture of Chizaram and Adesanya slouched over a picture book warmed his heart. His son, Adesanya was teaching Chizaram who he was certain could barely understand what he was teaching her, yet he kept pointing and flipping pages while Zaram looked on, tapping the pages after him and making efforts to pronounce the words in the same way he said them. 

His heart warmed, she could easily become the daughter he never had but he couldn’t allow himself to get attached to her, because if her the court discharged and acquitted her mother then she would be taken away from him leaving him longing for something he could never have. A thought slowly formed in his mind, what if he and Titi adopted a little girl of their own? He would give it some more thoughts and prayer before telling his wife about it. Chizaram and Adesanya looked up at him when he lowered the Air Conditioner, he smiled he smiled in response to their silent question. 

“Dad, is it time for prayer?” Adesanya asked him, putting aside the book he had been reading with Chizaram.

“No son. I was just checking on you.” He patted the boy’s head and nudged him to return to his reading. He was a blessed man, he shook his head in agreement with his thoughts.


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