Ice for heart (Contd chapter 19a)

“Big mummy, is it true that my mummy will not come back very soon?” Chizaram asked in her childish voice. Titi turned from her laptop to look at the girl, it always took her a while to figure out what she said.
“You want to see your mummy?”

“Yes, but my teacher said that mummy will not come back,” she said again, poking herself on her cheek. As though she was punishing herself for her mother’s absence.

Titi blew a puff of air out of her mouth, she knew how children believed what their teachers said over what their parents said. She really had to have a conversation with Zaram’s teacher. This was the third time Zaram was coming home with one thing or the other that her teacher said about her mother or father and somewhere in her mind she had envision the manner in which the teacher must have said it to a 4 years old child, besides why would she even tell the child that her mother wasn’t coming home soon or that her father was never coming to see her.

She sighed in desperation, first she was already tired from the day’s work now she had to deal with what a teacher put in her foster child’s head. Could this day get any worse? She sighed again, her 7 year old son was standing dutifully behind Chizaram, the ever faithful Adesanya. Chizaram was gradually filling in the space Kolawole took in his life.

She jumped with a start “Oh my God!”

“Honey what is it?” called her husband from the sitting area where he was pretending to watch the movie being shown on Silverbird television meanwhile his mind was really on Chizaram’s complaining. 

“Saturday is Kola’s visiting and I haven’t bought any provisions”

Mr. Akinwande shook his head and rolled his eyes, he knew her well enough to tell anyone who didn’t know her that the tough hand she used with her boys were really tough love. She was tough on them on the outside but there was hardly any minute she wasn’t thinking of her boys. For example this was the 12th time this week she was complaining about not getting the provision and it was just Wednesday and he knew from experience that she would go on and on like this until Friday if he didn’t help her out.  This week hadn’t exactly been wonderful for her, her boss was on her neck and she had to meet her deadline.

He smiled, giving her some time to go into panic mode, he was going to enjoy every bit of this before offering his help. Her panic mode was that time when she made the best of promises to him and he surely was going to hold her up until she fulfilled them.

He smiled mischievously turning his head back to the big screen.

“Baby, please can you help me? Please. I know you haven’t had isi ewu in months. Don’t worry; I will prepare it for you. It’s a promise o”

He hid the smile but still waited, the patient dog did eat the fattest bone, didn’t they say so?

“Ok, what do you want? Afang?” she was getting there.

“Come on! Ok I will watch the games with you” the words came through gritted teeth, and she would have withdrawn them if not that she really needed his help. Urrgh! She grumbled, what had she been thinking? Watch a game? She bit at the nail of her left thumb. She could see the big grin playing on his face from the side, it was almost reaching his ears. 

“Done” he said and smacked his lips.

Her lips thinned into a firm line while her eyes followed her husband unto his full height as he got to his feet and stretched. It was as though he had been waiting for this all evening, the grin was still dancing around his jaw when he turned to her. She swore to get back at him. He wasn’t escaping from her trap, yes she nodded her head, she was surely going to get him soon.

He laughed, “What on earth is running through your pretty head?”

“Nothing” she shook her head from one side to the other, smiling playfully, her eyes tilted to almost a squint under her glasses and her neck titled exposing the black birthmark under the right side of her chin.

He laughed again, then pulled her cheek playfully before heading for the bathroom. There was really no saying; God couldn’t have made a better choice. A few years back when God had told him to pick her, he had battled hard with God, queried him, no, fought God was a better description, for attempting to ruin his spiritual development and height. 


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