Ice for Heart 15c (Cont’d)

Titi returned to her apartment, more troubled than she had ever been. She entered the study which she and her husband called ‘throne room’ and knelt down to pray but found no words. It was the smallest room in the house and it served a lot of purpose especially when any of them needed to pray alone, She was at loss at what to pray about. Was she to ask God to change Ezinne’s husband? Or to ask that the love between them be restored? She wasn’t exactly sure there had been any love lost, Ezinne hadn’t told her how they met or why they had gotten married but if in only five years of marriage they were at this stage, then at what point did they love one another?

She prayed for the Holy Spirit to guide her prayer, and soon she found herself speaking in tongues. The night was chill, unusually chill that she had to wrap herself in a blanket thus changing her position from kneeling to lay on the floor. She released herself to the Spirit, speaking words that she didn’t understand until she dozed off, waking up intermittently to pray some more. It was almost 3:30am when she heard the gun shot. The scary sound pierced through her heart and caused her to awaken with a start. Her heart pounded in her chest, one, two, three, she waited to hear another shot, but there was none other. Was she in a dream? Or did she hear that in her subconscious?

Slowly she got up and went into her room to see her husband awake too, he had been awoken by the gun shot and was staring blankly at her, his mind making a failed attempt to register what had just happened.

“Did you hear it too?” she asked him, hand clutching her breast.

“What was that?” he asked, as he swung his legs off the bed unto the rug.

“I think it was a gun shot”

He squinted to look at the walk clock, seeing was quite difficult without his glasses “Its 3am” he grumbled.

“Honey, I think someone just shot a gun”

“Sweetheart, come to bed please. There are no robbers in this neighbourhood. Beside, if there were, they wouldn’t shoot just once.

“Exactly. It can’t be robbers. It came from the flat of one of our neighb…” she didn’t finish the sentence because her mind registered it “Oh my God! Ezinne!” she started to run towards the door before her husband caught her.

“Honey, please calm down. You may get yourself killed too. Let me handle this” She went limp against his firm grip, her mind fighting the urge to disobey her husband and get to Ezinne. What if the woman had found a way to get a gun, no, the Ezinne she knew wouldn’t plan to kill her husband.

She remembered the mischievous and wicked grin on Mr. Chukwuma’s face yesterday, and the fact that he hadn’t responded when she pleaded with him to take care of his wife. Maybe this was his plan all along. He had only wanted to lure Ezinne back to the house so that he would kill her. Her heart raced, what of Chizaram? She had only heard on shot. Did he strangle the girl or did he kill her mother in front of her? Titi let out a wail at the thought of death. She smelt it, sensed it so close to her. Her husband pulled her closer into his arms, turning her to rest her head on his shoulder so that she released her pain on it.

“Lord, where are you? I prayed. I prayed, why didn’t you help her?”

“Shhh, don’t make conclusions until we know what happened ok?”

He led her back to their room and guided her to seat before picking up his phone to call the emergency number.

“The Police would be here soon, though I doubt they would be here before five” he told her when he dropped the call.

She looked up at him with tired eyes, and he understood the depth of pain the fear of loss must have caused her. He longed to go to his neighbour’s house but he reasoned it was better the police got there first. This was a gun and for all he knew there was an armed person and the victim was probably already dead, he sat with her.

“Let’s go to her” she said in almost a whisper “if she shot her husband then we have to help her before the police get to her. Sweet you would help her, right?”

He looked into the eyes of the woman he married, he could see the conflicting emotions, the battle between doing what was right and helping a suffering woman. At least they both agree that it was likely that Ezinne killed her husband since she had suddenly returned yesterday under the most undesirable circumstance and didn’t exactly look pleased to be home. He couldn’t rule out the fact that the woman did it, after all the last time she had been in that house had been with a knife into his body.

“She wouldn’t hurt us if we went there” she pleaded with him.

She got up and pulled him up with her, he followed sheepishly, praying in his heart that he wasn’t making the biggest mistake of his life.

There was another couple knocking, and calling on the family when they got to Ezinne’s door. The young wife suggested that her husband broke the door, Titi joined her voice in the plea to break the door.

“We have been knocking for a while now and no one is answering. Pastor what do you think” asked the young husband, not sure whether or not to listen to his wife.

“Lets break it down, maybe we can save a life”

“Dear God!” the young wife muttered under her breadth, her palms interlocked in a fist under her chin. Both men joined force and with one push with their shoulder the door gave way.





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