Thou hast never ceased to talk
Be silent, thou thought!

Saying things that my soul abhoreth

Keep quiet, thou imagination!

Who sayest there isn’t a reason to live

Hast thou any inclination of what to me, life is?

Thou hast not spoken well, oh, dear thought!

I shall arise and make it known unto thee

The fact that thou canst detect to me, my life

Thou art in my head

But I am thy head

A master over thee

Thou canst tell me to give up onlife

Thou canst tell me to use a knife

These I can’t do because I have a life

I controlthee;

With thee I shaltbuild my world

And with my tongue I shalt say what my soul desirest

Be silent, thou thought!

© 4th February, 2017 byNoel’s Pen™

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