Ice for Heart (14 b) Contd

Ezinne’s head sprang up and she turned to stare into Akunna’ eyes, she would give anything right now for a way out, a permanent solution more than a temporary fix.

“Let’s kill him” a moment of dread fell on Ezinne at the same time the words fell out of Akunna’s mouth. It was a permanent solution quite alright, one that had crossed her mind several times but to actually think of carrying it out was far from her. She glared at Akunna as if she carried a plague on her lips. She would mightily have preferred another option, why would she consider actually murdering a man.

Akunna waited for her to respond, she was certain that even though Ezinne had stabbed her husband out of anger, she had considered murdering the man before that day. Maybe she didn’t actually plan to carry it out that day but somewhere within her the plan had been conceived it only manifested it at the most available opportunity.

“Aku, how can you say that?” Ezinne’s words finally came in a slur, her face mirrored the pain in her heart. The agony of transcending beyond the simple happy lady she used to be to this desperate woman who was being advised to take a life wore her out. “How did we get here? We used to be life savers, peace makers, how did we get here?” her eyes were set beyond the woman who sat beside her.

“Babe, life happened to us. My husband killed my child” the words dropped like heavy metal on a piece of glass and reverberated around the room before bouncing back to hit Ezinne.

“I am so sorry, I didn’t know that” Ezinne’s tone went from accusatory to sympathy, there was a lot she didn’t know about her friend and guilt filled her. Why had she been so consumed with herself that she didn’t see through her childhood friend? Her eyes suddenly began to see things differently, the excessive partying, the refusal to be held down by any man, the excessive eating and strenuous exercises, now she saw why Akunna exercised so vigorously. It wasn’t exactly to burn the fat but to deal with her frustration. The burning of the fat just came as a bonus. Suddenly she understood why she lived like everyday was her last.

“He drowned our 2 years old child after I ran away from the hospital, the news said he fell into the pool and died but I know the truth, that pool had barricades around it and my little boy couldn’t have climbed it yet they said he climbed it and died in the pool. He was just 2 and had nothing to do with my escape. I shouldn’t have left him behind but I couldn’t get him either”

“Aku, its ok to be sad. It’s ok to feel pain. You don’t have to keep punishing yourself with all the men and exercise. Those guys are not your husband and you are not getting back at him by dating all those guys.”

“I am not punishing myself…” Akunna started, blowing a puff of air out of her mouth. She knew Ezinne to always find a reason for everything and she hated people blaming their actions on some difficulties in their past. Everything she did now where her own choice not because she was some scared woman looking for a fix.

“You have been acting like you have nothing to live for. Chukwuma is not your husband so killing him would not recompense your own husband.”

“Killing him would prevent him from killing Zaram” Akunna maintained stubbornly, resisting the urge to burst out her rage on her friend.

Ezinne gasped in horror at the thought, she shook her head refusing to allow herself entertain the thought. Chukwuma may hate her for his mother and grandmother’s death but he wasn’t a monster. He loved their daughter. She shook her head again reassuring herself that her husband definitely did love their daughter. She didn’t need to convince Akunna of that fact rather she only needed to convince herself that her daughter would be fine. The words intended to convince herself had a lot of back roads leading her back to the possibility of Akunna being right. What if Akunna was right and her husband flew into a rage and he hit Zaram. Did he want to frustrate her? That can’t be, he only wanted to see his daughter and hadn’t asked her to return home so if his daughter was his focus then there was not reason to kill her. She told herself again that Chukwuma was not Aku’s husband who was a psychopath and wanted to harm the mother, but did he really want Chizaram, the answer she received in her mind alarmed her. Her husband rarely looked out for their child and it was only when she asked for the girl’s school fees that he paid for it. so why did he want Chizaram so badly now that she had moved on with her life?

She sprang up from the sofa startling Akunna who had also been sitting beside her obviously lost in her own world of fears, worry and thoughts of vengeance.

“Where are you going?” Akunna asked, following after Ezinne.

Ezinne entered her room in haste and went straight to the wardrobe, there was no time to consider further what to do, she was going back to that house to get her child and no one was going to stop her. Her blood raced as her heartbeat rose. In a swing she brought down her small box, stuffing in clothes in haste. When she tried to close the box, it wouldn’t close because the clothes she was attempting to stuff into it was too much.

“Babe! Do you want to calm down and talk to me?” Akunna yelled at her.

Akunna’s scream halted her “what do you think you are doing? How will you get there? and the man is going to snuff life out of you for messing with him” Akunna continued, her voice still on the high pitch.

Ezinne held her head in between her palm and flung herself on the bed weeping. Hadn’t she escaped from the frustration that came with being married to Chukwuma and again he had forced himself back into her space. No she wasn’t going to sit back crying while he had a filled day. She swung herself off the bed and with all the tears she was swapping bags and repacking ignoring all of Akunna’s protests.


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