Ice for heart (Contd 13b)

Akunna was out of the house and once again the silence descended like a blanket that was exactly the difference between the Mainland and the Island. Unlike the mainland there was relative serenity and calmness in Lekki and she was grateful for the silence. She could see a car drive into the compound, a white hummer jeep that carried just the man and his wife, the old her would have envied the wife but she knew the better. The man who sat behind with his extremely gorgeous wife was a sworn womanizer and according to Akunna, his wife did not care what her husband did with his spare time so long as her hair was made, her clothes were in order and her face was well painted. And for the first time she saw herself in the woman though a restricted version of herself. Her old self didn’t care about her looks, she laughed at the thought that her new self didn’t care either, but at least her new self was concerned about her happiness, she pinched herself to correction. Didn’t happiness and laughter translate to better looks? So yes her new self cared about her appearance just not in the same way as the Mrs. downstairs.

The woman was laughing at something her husband said though her eyes was set on the driver who was bringing out the shopping bag from the trunk, while her husband was moving towards the house. Ezinne shook her head she had done the math, yes she knew the story here, and she understood why the woman didn’t care. It was a tit for tat world out there and she had been shortchanging only herself. Her friend was divorced and still enjoying herself and before her was her married neighbor who still enjoying herself, infact getting the enjoyment on more than one side, making the best of her predicament. It was a man’s world afterall, the women were just finding a way to cope so who was to blame them? The woman looked up and their eyes met, she curtsied and received a smile in response, ok the woman was nice, maybe she had just misinterpreted. The driver followed the woman’s gaze to her and greeted her, he didn’t smile like his boss, rather he looked at her the second time like he knew her. He looked familiar to her and her guts told her it was someone she knew though she couldn’t place the face.

She turned back to her canvas, pencil in hand ready to get back to work, the portrait looking back at her was beginning to look like Kim and with little more work would be exactly the picture she had in her phone of the woman. It was really going to be a surprise to the woman, a smiling Kim in her purest moment, when she wasn’t smiling for any camera. Ezinne had captured Kim at a moment when she was sincerely smiling at something Mr. Dongo was saying. She loved the picture herself and was certain the woman would love it too and maybe many more people would patronize her.


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