About Christmas

I am taking a time out from publishing ‘Ice for Heart’ to write about Christmas.

  1. Many of us are only see the story of Jesus who was born and on whose account we celebrate. We see the lowliness of His birth, the plot to terminate Him, the visit of the shepherd men and the wise men. When we consider all these we quickly say “oh after all He is God and He chose to come that way”
  2. However if we look beyond, we are drawn to a pure young woman whose original plan of life and preconceived future is about to change because she gave herself to be the carrier of His Royalty (of course she didn’t know He was that royally). She is running the risk of losing her marriage, loosing her life(the Jews would stone her). But the decision she made was an immediate one. No I dont think she gave herself time to consider her options and the pros and cons of it.
  3. There is also the story of the young man Joseph, who is about to be married to a young woman who is now pregnant. He is thinking ‘how is this woman pregnant? I thought she was supposed to be a virgin? And I love her but I can’t bear another man’s responsibility. I Will let her go, no need to disgrace her in public. She has messed up herself, that’s her cross.’
  4. This young man’s life and plan for a small quiet family is changed when the Angel appears to him and asks him to take his bride. But then he can’t touch her until after 9 months of marriage. Wow! 
  5. Today I ask ‘Are there still Marys’ in our generation? Do we still have Josephs’ who can hold on and allow God take the wheel?
  6. These 2 young parents made a great sacrifice and they were humans just as we are. In our daily lives we are expected to make sacrifices for the greater good. We may not understand what impact of difference our little sacrifices may make but when we are required let us go all out to do so.

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