Ice for heart Chapter 13

“What are you working on?” Akunna asked, spying on Ezinne who was seated in the balcony, her head buried behind the canvas. She was obviously drawing something, that was pretty obvious, the question was what? She never let her see what she was drawing and never left it carelessly, for three weeks Akunna had been trying to figure it out yet failing.

“You will see it eventually babe” came the usual response as she raised her head, standing to her full stature behind the canvas with a ceramic smile on her face, mocking Akunna.

“Ewwew!” let me just see it!” Akunna pouted, hoping that her persistence and pouting face would win her some love. Ezinne pouted too, laughing hard when her pout refused to form.

“Geez! You are so stone hearted”

“I know” Ezinne laughed again, she really was getting stonehearted. Just 3 weeks ago, her husband had threatened to release her naked pictures to the world and here she was working like it had never happened and all she had heard from him in these three weeks was silence and the silence was becoming deafening. Chukwuma wasn’t the one to make empty threats and she feared that soon he would carry out his threats. She had weighted the option of returning to him with Chizaram against having her privacy made bare to the world and decided that going back to him was much heavier. No one knew or gave a damn about her boobs or public hair, especially not with the sudden influx of the Internet with pornographies. Her ugly body wouldn’t make any difference. She hadn’t told Akunna or anyone of his threat and since nothing had happened it probably was best to leave it that way. There was always a first time to everything, wasn’t there probably this would be his first unfulfilled threat.

“What’s with the sudden change in demeanor?” Akunna asked, coming around. Ezinne caught herself and threw a wrapper over the canvas, standing like some protective shield in front of it. Akunna laughed, she hadn’t had the intention to peek, only concern as to what had spooked Ezinne. The smile on her face had melted into uncertainty and her lips were just hanging open with her eyes staring beyond Akunna.

“No, I am not trying to steal a peek into your drawing. You went blank for a moment”

“Ah, its nothing. I just got a new idea” the lie rolled smoothly off her tongue like a snake in the grass. Her heart pricked her a little for the lie but she shrug it off. What good would it do anyone most especially any member of Kim’s crew?

The movie ‘Ruptured’ was being released next week and she hoped that by then she would have been done with Kim’s portrait. She had used the last two weeks drawing Mrs. Titi, and it had been quite challenging highlighting the woman’s features in addition, her artistic skills needed sharpening as it seemed to have dulled. Why wouldn’t it? She hadn’t drawn so much as a table in the last 2 years. Well at least the woman liked it and she got paid for the job, the sincere surprise on Titi’s face paid her more than the credit alert she got some two days later.

“I am going for lunch anyway. Do you want to come?”

Ezinne smiled, positioning herself more firmly against the canvas, she knew that the invitation was not genuine. Akunna was going on a date with her new boyfriend who she wasn’t sure the relationship would last but inviting her was definitely an attempt to butter her up.

“No thank you, I would rather eat home food” she replied with a naughty grin lifting one side of face.

“Yea, Madam cook. Go ahead, just leave some for moi

“Hmm, aren’t you going to eat during your lunch date?” Ezinne laid emphasis on the ‘date’, subtly letting out her disapproval, it was obvious even to Akunna that the guy was dating her for her money and Ezinne couldn’t understand why she kept dating him. Akunna paid for the meals, and sometimes his transport fare. And the guy wouldn’t stop taking pictures of her. What woman wouldn’t see through all of it?

“You know I love your food”

“Awwn, my love. Then stay home and let me teach you”

“Boyfriend troubles boo, see ya”

Akunna threw her head back as she laughed, heading towards the door. Of course she knew her date was playing her but she needed the male presence for her fame as well as all the gossips. The more telltales the more people got to know who she was and probably want to see her in her movies. Those tales were good for business, Ezinne didn’t know that, and despite all her attempts to communicate it, the woman wasn’t listening. Well she didn’t want to be an actress so badly as Akunna wanted it, so why force her.



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