We belong together…Cezanna Taharqa

I am not a lover of poems but I loved this piece, it was written with a background of African-American women who want to become single mothers

“Yeah, I know sometimes I don’t treat you right

And I bet you wonder what happened to me

Why I seem so uptight and angry?

And all I wanna seem to  do is fuss and fight

And not give you the right to take your place

As King upon your throne in our home?

But sometimes I can’t help the way I feel,
Its like Something that’s been passed down to me through my bloodline
And I need you to help me heal…

Let’s not let another come between us,
Let the love for each other be stronger
My brother, my king,
We’ve got to do this together
(We’ve got to heal ourselves)

And there are times I pretend I don’t need you,
And you act like you don’t want me
But the truth is,
I am your sister, you are my brother
We’ve got to stick together
We need each other, we Belong Together.
(We’ve got to heal ourselves)

And yeah, I know sometimes I verbally abuse you
Because there is so much pain inside of me
But today I pledge to do the best I can
To help you rise to be the man,
The KING you are destined to be”



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