Ice for heart (12b)

The hot sun licking up the moisture on her skin and causing the extraction of sweat from beneath her skin and from her newly made Ghana weaving, itched the hell out of her. She swore hating the discomfort.
“Geez! The devil is really out for me today!” she danced from one foot to the other in an attempt to scratch her lap without appearing weird. The tight she wore under her skirt was thick and best worn during cold seasons yet she had worn in this hot weather.

Within five minutes of unnerving sighs and muttering, a bus halted in front of her heading towards Ikeja.

“Oh love! Thank God!” she muttered under her breath and hopped into the bus, grateful for the shelter, at the same time wondering how anyone would choose a motorcycle over a vehicle.

The man whom she sat beside was a heavy black dude and he was sleeping heavily too, drooling as he did. Ok, this wasn’t exactly comfort, she sighed resisting the urge to hiss out loud. She nudged him a little with her shoulder when his head started to tilt towards her, then harder when he didn’t wake. He moved his head a bit but continued in his sleep.

“Complete waste of time” she said to herself, not being bothered about being heard or not.

She settled into the seat taking her mind off the discomfort by focusing on the book she had downloaded from the internet, thank God for technology, plus the book was on offer for free. The book titled ‘Behind dark Clouds’ was written by one of her favorite Nigerian writers and she was beginning to feel like Monalisa because she was hiding from her past, only that Monalisa wasn’t a killer. There was a similarity between the both of them, now, wasn’t there? Lisa had a child depending on her too just as her own Chizaram was depending on her. Also Monalisa was a strong woman who fought for what she wanted despite how impossible it looked. She made a resolve to fight for her life and her daughter’s life no matter the odds. She wasn’t going to let herself be reduced into begging anyone for her daily bread.

She was in her thoughts, asking herself what she was going to do when her role in ‘Squabbles’ was almost over and if she wasn’t careful she would be in serious trouble except if Kim decided to take her for another movie or some other producer. She hadn’t signed any contract with Kim and there was no rumour about Kim offering her another role especially since she had been chosen out of dire necessity, so except she started doing something she would need to return to the village. She smiled despite herself, hadn’t she planned to stay in the village for a while or even relocate there, now here she was dreading the thought of going back to live there, life really had its stages.

She started to consider what she could do for herself, she could still draw but that would require a lot of practice besides how long would it take for her to make the kind of money that cater for Chiazram and herself.

She was still pondering when an amazing idea hit her, she realized that she could advertise her drawing skills to Kim by drawing her for free maybe by doing so she could get other actors to get some portraits for themselves for a small fee. She almost jumped out of her seat, there was a tingling feeling in her stomach that told her that it was going to be amazing and would take her places. She repeated the oh yes in her head over and over struggling to keep excitement in check.

The bus conductor called for those going to 7up to alight and she alighted along with one other lady, she would have walk down to Daystar to see Mrs. Titi, her former neighbor. She did a little dance as she stood at the bus-stand waiting to cross the road to the opposite side of the road where she would be facing the oncoming vehicles, unbothered about who was watching her.

Upon her arrival in Lagos she had informed Mrs Akinwande that she was in Lagos and the woman had been all too glad to see her and since she refused to come to their former compound they had decided to meet in the church although Ezinne would have preferred a restaurant but the church was fine with her.

Titi enveloped Ezinne in the warmest embrace Ezinne had ever had, when she saw her. Ezinne seemed more rested than the last time she had seen her, there was a serenity around her and warmed Titi’s heart and she was glad the woman had left when she did. Of course she didn’t support her stabbing her husband but damn! She wished she had left on a nicer note.

“oh my, oh my! Don’t you just look fabulous?”

“Thank you ma, God has been faithfully. You don’t look bad yourself” Ezinne responded admiring the choking gold necklace Mrs Titi had on, it complemented the flowing white and blue gown she wore.

“Wow! Its been like what? Three months?”

“We thank God ma, how is the family?” she responded with smiles.

“My dear, its been God” Titi responded enthusiastically, eager to know more about Ezinne than she was about talking of her progress. She wasn’t sure she wanted to talk about Ezinne’s husband either but if she asked, she would briefly talk about him but if not she may just mention him in passing. He wasn’t the reason why they were here, she was.

Ezinne told Titi of her role in the movie, and when she mentioned that the movie was being produced by Kim, Titi’s face lit up. She quickly mentioned that Kim attended Daystar whenever she was in Town.

“Small world with a great God!” Titi exclaimed unable to contain her joy.

“Thank you so much ma, for coming into my life when you did. I gathered courage from you that day”

Titi sobered, she didn’t like the sound of that, it sounded more like she encouraged the other woman to harm her husband and she certainly didn’t want that on her conscience.

“You shouldn’t have stabbed him. You are not saying I encouraged you to kill your husband now, are you?” she said gently, being careful to choose her words.

A frown creased Ezinne’s brow “No ma, I was talking with regards to you making me feel human again and to forgive myself for making the wrong marital decision”


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