Ice for heart (Contd) 11b

Ezinne sighed, Akunna chuckled “I know that look” she simply said without another word. Dutifully she returned to her lounge chair and picked her drink again. Sucking at the straw seductively, the corner of eyes sought one of her new admirers silently daring him to come close. He was well built, with dark creamy skin that shone beside the pool, Ezinne followed Akunna’s gaze and shook her head after her that caused Akunna to throw her head back in laughter

“Bae, calm down. Life isn’t so difficult. I am a woman with blood running through my veins. I need a man in my life you know.”

Ezinne shook her head in understanding, “It also the blood and the body that gets the diseases”

Akunna gnarled at her “geez! Why do you have to pour spirit into an open wound? You are such a kill joy” she replied with a pout, setting her glass down on the side table.

“So why didn’t you get married?” Ezinne asked for the first time seeking to know more about her friend than the little she could see.

“I did. It failed, just like yours” she said flatly, there was no emotions.

Ezinne flinched. There was no way she could have revealed such information without pain. Well maybe she would in a few years after she had come to full acceptance of the kind of man she married, maybe when she stopped excusing his behavior or giving reasons for his hitting her. Wait! Did Akunna say “Just like hers?” how did she know? She hadn’t told anyone that her marriage had failed so how did Akunna find that out.

“Did you seriously think I didn’t figure out that you are running? Girl, you avoid every discussion of your husband even with Zaram. He hasn’t called you neither have you called him. We have been together for like 3 months and no calls? For crying out loud, you are living with me even here in Lagos, which is supposed to be where you reside with your husband yet here you are. You look over your shoulder like there is someone coming after you. Come on! Even a blind man can see through you. You are like a glass, there really is no secret with you” Akunn

Ezinne’s eyes watered, she was still trying to recover from the shock of being told her life history. It was as if a sitting stool had been taken from beneath her while she was still sitting on it. Had she been that readable? Truth be told she wasn’t exactly good at keeping secrets though she was a great actress when it came to masking her feelings and smiling inspite of herself.

“Get over yourself boo, life happens to the best of us. You aren’t the first person with a divorce on her hand. You aren’t the first person with so much background pain. Most of the ladies and men you see amongst the crew have had one or two issues. Kim has gone through 4 divorces, well 2 of the divorce was with the same guy so technically she has been through 3 divorces and right now she is with the man again. Sarah and Tosin were in a fight over one man at some point, Clara? That one is so sure she would die a virgin” Akunna was still saying.

She laughed at the prospect of Clara dying a virgin, she didn’t actually believe it when Clara told her she was still a virgin but at least the joke gave her a good laugh.

“What is important is that we must see reasons to smile beyond our pain and past, chikena!”

“What happened?” Ezinne asked when she finally found her voice.

“I married a white ambassador from Czech who lived in South-Africa, as the ambassador of Czech to South-Africa. He was a very influential and powerful man unknown to me I had just dug my grave, he beat me for everything; I lost 5 pregnancies before my senses came back to me. I only escaped from the hospital because his security was so tight that I couldn’t leave. It was not until a nurse, who had become my friend from my constant visits to the hospital, saved me that I was able to come back home. She covered me like I was dead and when the security guy rushed off to tell him, I fled”

“Wow, you are a brave woman”

“I wasn’t brave enough until I lost my chances of being a mother and even then it was the nurse that gave me the idea because she was tired of my “I fell down in the kitchen” “I ran into a door” “I mis-stepped and fell down the stairs”. When I got here I changed my name and hair colour. I mean it isn’t exactly a motivational talk, I just want you to know that everyone here has a story and yours isn’t the worst”

“but did anyone here stab their husband and run away?”

Akunna laughed, “Maybe not, then yours would be a story to train others. Its that simple just as we laughed at Clara’s story”


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