Ice for heart (Contd) Chapter 10

Ezinne attempted to walk in one of the stiletto heel shoes she saw in the ladies dressing room as she waited for Akunna to get ready for the scene she was to feature, and before she could take two steps she had hit the floor in one swoop. Akunna was taking the lead role and thus had her own wardrobe to herself unlike other actors and actresses who had to share or had a smaller wardrobe.
“Ouch!” she let out the howl before silencing herself with her palm to her mouth. Akunna jumped out from behind the curtain to see her on the floor and burst into laughter. Ezinne joined her in the laughter “wicked girl, you can’t tell me sorry?” she pouted in feigned anger. Akunna laughed even more.

“Who asked you to wear it?” Akunna replied her and continued in her laughter. “Please come and zip me up jare, the woman from the bush herself”

Ezinne eyed her then stretched her hands to be pulled up; her eyes dared Akunna not to pull her up. Knowing her friend, Akunna shook her head before pulling her up. She was very sure that if she didn’t pull her up then she would have to zip herself up and since she couldn’t zip herself she was left with no other choice.

Akunna was only too glad that Ezinne was her old self again, she had began to fear that marriage had taken away the carefree, free spirited lady she had grown up with. At first she had been so uptight and too serious, Akunna swore that Ezinne had judged her for her looks even though she had no idea what had happened to her and the worse was that she couldn’t have told her with that judgmental look she had on her face that day. Maybe one day she would tell her story but for now she was the star who just got a lead role and hopefully it would be the role that would throw her into the limelight.

The producer, Kimberly Matthias had seen her play a wounded waitress, a small role she had taken in ‘Amazon’, a film centered around betrayal and loneliness, it had been produced by one of the best producers in the movie industry, Max Chimaobi. Kimberly Matthias loved her instantly, although the role she had taken in Amazon was of no much consequence to the entire production, Kimberly loved the life Akunna put in her role and the woman bragged about how she knew a star when she saw one. She had been right about many of her actors and actresses although most of them eventually left her once they hit fame, yet each one of them knew that they owed their fame to her good eyes.

Now the woman was wiser, she now made sure that the new actors and actresses she found, signed a written agreement of allegiance to her and her production company for at least a period of 15 years. The agreement had its downsides, but then it also had its ups.

“Hurry Ezinne, don’t let Kim have me for dinner today”  Akunna wriggled, sucking her tummy in as much as she could. The purple gown was finding it difficult enclosing her body in a perfect fit. She sighed before going in search of her girdle. With hands that moved like planes she found the girdle peacefully awaiting her tug underneath all the clothes she had thrown everywhere. Ezinne shook her head, Akunna was indeed a piece of work, the way she flung clothes around, one would think they were rags. She saw her giggle in satisfaction as she found the girdle, then watched her pull it on, underneath the gown like it was some lifesaver. Well it was, how else would that gown have sized her without the girdle holding her tummy in place. She was playing the role of a hardworking, career driven, single mother who had to marry her career with her child’s upbringing. It was a tasking role especially because Kimberly was the producer and where Kim was concerned, every scene was serious business, from the lighting, to the audios, to the camera, to the choice and colour of dress, down to the emotions of her casts had to be done to perfection.

“You look amazing! And gorgeous!” Ezinne said to Akunna, coming around to properly look at her. She had a deep smile in her eyes that spoke volumes.

“Ezinne, stop, you going to make me cry and ruin my make-up” Akunna protested. There was something in Ezinne’s eyes that made her own eyes water. It wasn’t like it was her wedding day and she was going away, for crying out loud it was just a movie, but she heard the unspoken volumes. The admiration of a friend who was happy for her, who thanked God for her success and who was waiting on the same God to smile on her and give her her own breakthrough. She didn’t have to ask, she knew it as much as she knew her own name that Ezinne cried herself to sleep every night. She knew that each word of prayer was laden with tears. She had been in that place too, where every turn seemed to hit her hard on her head and she made up her mind that no matter how busy she was she wouldn’t let Ezinne off until she had wiped off those silent tears.

“Let’s go” Ezinne told her with a sad smile, and took her hand to lead her out of her tent, that had been built purposely for this production.

She pulled Ezinne back and gave her a warm embrace and said “God is still in the business of giving life to dead dry bones”

Ezinne closed her eyes to savour the moment, those words went deep into her heart, it wasn’t one of those things friends said to each other, this was a word meant particularly for her, she dabbed her eyes when they pulled away from each other and used her hands as fan to dry the tears.


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