Ice for heart cont(9b)

The clouds were gathering and she could smell the rain in the strong wind. Chizaram laughed at her when she had to sweep a free hand against her skirt to prevent it from exposing her nakedness. The wind blew again and she struggled to control her A-Line flowered skirt from dancing with the wind, Chizaram shook in more laughter as her mother struggled with her skirt with one hand while the other hand held unto her under her arm.

She laughed too, and laughed so hard, the rain started to drizzle.

“Mum, let’s go back to grandpa’s house before the rain comes fully”

“Have you danced or played under the rain before?” she asked Chizaram.

“No, I don’t think so” the girl replied in her small voice.

“Ok I will show you how, you know mummy used to play under the rain when she was a little child. I had so many friends and we would all go out into the rain in our pants and get completely drenched”

Chizaram made a face that made Ezinne laugh again. “So wouldn’t you be dirty?”

“The rain is water so it would wash off whatever dirt was on us”

The rain started to come in large drops and within two seconds it had started to pour in torrents. At this rate they could never get home on time, she decided that they would be drenched either way so rather than hasten home, she set Chizaram on her feet and began splashing water on her face using her palms as a cup after placing the two together and bending her fingers in a fashion that allowed water to stay within them.

Chizaram beat at her own face, giggling as she did, and attempting to use her hand as a shield that could prevent water from reaching her face. The more Ezinne splashed the water, the more Chizaram laughed and before long Chizaram was splashing water on her mother too.

She realized then that in the two weeks they had spent in the village Chizaram had not mentioned Chukwuma again. Pointedly she hadn’t made a mistake by taking her away from him. A car sped past splashing water on her and on Chizaram then stopped some few meters away before making a reverse and returning to apologise. She frowned when she saw the car reverse, afraid of who it might be. People didn’t usually come back to say sorry after splashing water on you and then in the rain? Her nerves relaxed when she saw that it was a woman sitting behind the steering.

“Ezinne!” came a yell when the woman wound down her glass.

Ezinne stood there confused, the face did not look any familiar even though that voice…

“Oh my God! Ezinne you haven’t changed one bit! You cant remember me? Akunna. Your childhood friend”

The frown on Ezinne’s face deepened, Akunna? This woman she saw didn’t look anything like Akunna she grew up with. Akunna was chocolate brown, plump with very long natural hair, but this one riding this Lexus jeep was fair, infact white was a better description, and she had short red hair. And what was that in her eyes? Her pupils were blue, blue? How on earth could this be Akunna!

“…come on in, let me drop you at home so we would catch up” she was still saying while Ezinne was lost in her thoughts.


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