The Man of the South


The Courtroom was filled to the brim, every space was occupied, despite the functioning air conditioning unit, Court 5, High Court of Lagos State Igbosere, was still pretty hot. Constance was probably the only one not feeling the heat as she sat there in the dock staring ahead of her like a zombie. Her Lawyer Barrister Ejike had told her that she had to be sober before the judge otherwise her life would be over. Well her life was already over long before she stabbed that bastard. No she didn’t feel any sorry for what she had done actually she didn’t feel anything. She was completely numb and unresponsive to her environment. She barely heard what the lawyers or the Judge said in Court all she saw was her life replay before her eyes, every event, every word spoken, every choice made.

Her Lawyer had told her that today was for the adoption of the final address of Counsels after which there would be an adjournment for the judgment of the Court. She was only going to be in this court one more time before her fate would be decided, he had said. She didn’t know if the information was to make her grateful or sorrowful. They had been on this matter for almost 2 years, she guessed he had told her to be glad because her ordeal was almost over but then they had to contend with the decision of the Judge, as her verdict would determine if not appearing in Court was a better option than appearing in it.

Barrister Ejike was on his feet making an argument that she wasn’t sure the Court was swayed by, but going by the reactions within the court room from other lawyers it seemed he was making a valid point or was it a fallacy? She couldn’t easily say since she was sitting facing the judge.


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