Today we shall review!

​When I read a good book I can’t help but gush about the beauty of it. Today I shall be talking- more of writing, LOL- on a beautiful novel I read! Yeah! 

Before that, I want to sincerely apologise to you, my wonderful readers for posting Chapter 7c of Ice for Heart on Tuesday rather than on Monday. I worked out of the office last week Monday practically on the road for most of the day. Believe me it was a hectic day. So that said, in the past month I have been hooked to a book titled ‘Wishful Thinking’ written by Melissa Hill, one of those best selling authors I aspire to be like someday when I finally grow up! Yea I said that.

It is a 358-page novel set in the Republic of Ireland and published in 2005 (don’t ask me, I don’t know where you can get your copy from). The story focuses on the lives of 3 strong women, believe me they are mighty strong. 

The first is Rosie Mitchell, a widow who has 2 selfish and self-centred children, these children silently and unconsciously wished she was dead so that they could have her house- seriously no one prays for those kind of kids! This woman practically lived just for them, yet they didn’t care about her until they thought she had been killed in a train accident that took many lives. Ok, truthfully it was only one of the children that was remorseful enough for the evil he had done his mother. The book illustrates the true depth of a mother’s love, until she has lost herself in the process of loving her children.

The Second woman is the vivacious Dara Campbell, the kind of woman who loved her career and put all her energy into it. Well you couldn’t exactly say, there was a pain behind all the strength- perhaps the energy being put in her work was an attempt to focus on something more productive than the love that she had lost. She marries Mark Russell because the man he is an ok guy besides she was tired of being the centre of discussion when her married friends had any discussion that so much as related to marriage. So putting aside –for the main time- her inflamed and youthful passion for Noah- a guy she had been in love with who left her to marry someone else- she settled for Mark. Between work and family, her life was generally ok, until Noah appears in her life again and all those feelings she thought she had laid to rest re-surfaced sending across the roof her otherwise balanced life. Not until she and Mark had a close shave with death during the train accident did she realise that this calm and passionless (if there is any word like that) love for Mark was exactly what she needed.

The third woman is Louise Paterson, tough, sensitive, self-willed young woman who almost got her life snatched by an accident involving her and a big time TV Producer who ran a red light and knocked her down on a zebra crossing. After that accident she got a new motto- ‘we are here for a good time not a long time’- that almost got her in a financial mess. Truly one couldn’t blame her for her new life style, she had always been a saver but after a close shave with debt she realised that life was short. Well she is tied up in this suit against the man who had knocked her down, with an assurance from her Counsel that the case was a straight forward own and she was sure to get some compensation. That assurance is rocked when the man she had thought loved her turned out to be a private investigator set against her to ensure she didn’t win the case. In a turn of fate the train with which she commuted on a daily basis had that terrible accident and there she was miraculously saved from death by an accident- a second time!  She got judgment in her favour despite the case of the TV Producer given by a judge who was sympathetic and overly intelligent.

Criticism? None! In capital letters!

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