Ice for heart Cont 6c

Titi came home in high Spirit, the sermon was uplifting so was the praise and worship. Sundays were ordinarily the best day of the week for her, so asides from church it was the day she rested properly. Good and long siesta and if she was up to it, she visited her siblings or her husband’s siblings or they visited them. Evenings was usually left open for the outings. Ezinne crossed her mind and with the thought came a giddy feeling that unsettled her. She felt guilty for not checking on her before leaving for church this morning but then they had almost gone late. Somehow the family had woken up late this morning and besides as pastors they were to be in church before service commenced. From the discussion with Ezinne yesterday she had presumed that Ezinne did not have any intention to change church and if she were going to attend at all, she would only come for the second or probably third service. During their discussion Ezinne had explained that house chores must be done in the morning otherwise she would get in trouble with her husband, and as much as Titi wanted to badger her into going and ignoring her husband, the submission passage and the pastor’s wife title held her back.

She called the maid and went to the kitchen herself, the girl had already plugged the electric kettle so as to boil water they would use for tea. It was their regular Sunday practice to have tea and biscuit while waiting for food since there wasn’t any time to cook in the morning. There was an unsettling feeling tugging at the pit of her stomach, it made it difficult for her to concentrate on anything. Sarah the maid answered her and walked into the kitchen.

“Sarah, please make the tea and serve everyone. Then boil the rice, get the stew out of the freezer let it defrost, I am coming back now.”

“yes ma” Sarah replied and curtsied before heading towards the rice cooker.

She went to the study where she was sure her husband would be praising God, he was already praising when she peeped it. He turned to see who it was so she smiled and gesticulated that she was coming. There was no need bothering him, it was just to let him know that she wasn’t going far.

She bounded the stairs to the flat Ezinne shared with her husband. It was the first floor and Titi could see that the door was open. Panic gripped her, that door was ever locked or shut, why would it be opened? Not just open but ajar? Strange as it was she cautioned her heart to keep calm. Told herself that she was just being paranoid and there was no problem. She knocked out of courtesy but there was no answer, so she stepped in gingerly surveying the environment as she did. She called out to Ezinne, there was no answer. Her first thought was to go into the room but on a second thought she moved to the kitchen. Her heart did a triple summersault when she saw the motionless body of  Chukwuma of the kitchen floor and she screamed before running back to her house to call her husband.

Mr. Akinwande could barely make any sense from what his wife was saying, she was out of breath, panicky and teary when she ran into the study. He felt her fear and knew that something horrible had happened. He tried to get her to talk coherently but the only thing he heard were the words ‘Ezinne’s husband’ and ‘dead’ without waiting to hear the rest of it, he ran off to their flat leaving his wife to decide whether or not to follow him. Titi rushed to her room to get her phone, immediately she picked it, she called their family doctor, he was also a pastor at Daystar. She managed an apology before asking him come over to the house to check an emergency. She didn’t explain, didn’t have the patience to, in a few minutes she was off to Ezinne’s flat, her husband was bent over Chukwuma when she got there. He was checking for a pulse and for signs of breathing.

“is he alive?” Titi asked her husband in a deep fear of the response she could get.

“yes, but his breathing is very faint. Quick, get me pillows, we need to place him in the shock position. I think he is going into shock. He has lost a lot of blood”

“ok” she raced into the first bedroom, it was thrown apart like whoever was in it had been in a hurry to leave. She couldn’t find a big pillow, only two small pillow, this had to be Chizaram’s room. There was no time to examine the examine, quickly she went to the next room, and picked up the first pillow she saw.

“here, are you going to pull the knife out?” she was shaking all over.

“No, I don’t want to damage any organ. Quickly call Achike, tell him someone has been stabbed”

“I have called him, he is already on his way”

“Did you tell him it is a knife wound? And that it is an emergency?” he asked without looking at her, him mind was focused of lifting Chukwuma’s legs and placing his head gently on the pillow, he was taking extra care not to obstruct the breathing flow.

“I told him it was an emergency”

“Good, call him again, tell him someone has been stabbed, we need to perform first aid treatment pending his arrival and I need him to guide me through it”

“Ok sir”

Achike assured her that he was close then taught her husband how to apply pressure on the wound without pulling out the knife. True to his words he was there in a few minutes, by then some of the neighbours had gotten wind of what was going on and were in the house doing their bits to help.

Achike came and instructed that Akinwande cleared the kitchen, they didn’t need the stuffiness, he said, besides the man needed some air. He pulled out the knife carefully, applied pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding then performed a CPR.

Achike called the hospital “get me an ambulance and prepare for an operation.”

“There is no need to wait for an ambulance, we can make use of my car please” Akinwande offered.

“Sir, the blood might stain your car” Achike blurted out, however it wasn’t his fear, he feared that the man may die and the police would accuse them of killing him.

“There is no time to further delay, let’s go!”

Another male neighbor assisted them and within a few minutes Chukwuma was carried into Mr. Akinwande’s car for transportation to the hospital.


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