Ice for Heart 6b (cont)

The Choristers took the stage and sang a song that was unfamiliar to her though it was beautiful. The song was in Yoruba and it was interpreted on the screen, it went

were lo ba mi se, (He did it for me easily)

e e e,

were lo ba mi se,

oun ti mo ro pe ko se se (what I thought would be so difficult)

were lo bami se’(He did it for me easily)

She joined the congregation who stood to dance to the beautiful melody being produced by the choir. The choir danced to their own music and so it was only natural to follow suit. She also joined in dropping her offering in the basket that was being passed around. At the end of the choir ministration the congregation was led to read aloud Joshua 1:8.

Ezinne got home joyful, new, and refreshed. It was only then that she realized she had been under the captivity of the devil not her husband. Her husband only became the instrument through which the devil put her below physically whereas spiritually she was already bound over just like that daughter of Abraham in the Bible whom satan bound over for years and Jesus healed her. She acknowledged now that she needed that soft touch of Jesus’.

All the way home, Chizaram chattered about the children she met in church, what the children teachers said, what she was taught, what she was given to eat. Her excitement engulfed Ezinne, she told herself that as long as this church filled her spiritually and made her daughter this joyful, she was staying put.

She was home in 20 minutes; thankfully Chukwuma was not in the house when they got home. Her head was in the clouds as she took off her church dress and organized her daughter’s room in their 3-bedroom apartment. Chizaram was not hungry, all she wanted was to run downstairs to tell her friends all that had happened today in church so Ezinne let her go, but not without reminding her not to go into anybody’s room but to always be in the sitting room and if any adult told her to sit on his lap she should scream and bite him. That was a bit extreme however she maintained her ground on it, she didn’t want to deprive her child of her childhood freedom at the same time she couldn’t overlook the fact that there were evil people out there who would take advantage of the child’s innocence.

Once the door was shut after her daughter, she went on her knees right behind the door and wept her heart out. Her prayer went to her maker to deliver her and set her free. She literarily begged for mercy and cried for her child. Divorce was not an option she ordinarily would take but this was too much for her. Her heart battled on her marital status, whether her marriage is recognized in heaven as it had been recognized here. Well it was, wasn’t it? After all the church where they wedded had blessed it and Chukwuma had taken the bride price to her father, even though her father refused to collect it. She was truly living with a man who like Jesus said was not her husband but her daughter’s father.

She was spent by the time she got up from the ground, her prayer had been intense, and in her heart she knew that God had heard her. She was no longer judged.

‘Blessed is the man whose iniquities forgiven and whose sins are covered’

Ezinne slept for almost 2 hours before getting up to cook, she was in the kitchen when Chukwuma came in. Her heart skipped when she heard the door, he was coming home early these days, it was until today that she realized that his coming home late and staying out of the house was more pleasant to her than his being home.

“Where is that bitch!” he came into the kitchen, his entire being was shouting danger.

Ezinne didn’t turn; her hands squeezed hard the knife she was using to slice the liver, which she had bought on her way home, from church. She waited for him to hit her from behind instead he grabbed her by the hair. The pain from the hair coursed through her and in a blinding moment of pain she swung her right hand at him. she hadn’t intended to fight back but her scalp was still hurting from the plait and he was inflicting more pain through the same hair. She fought to release herself from his grip on her hair with her left hand while her right hand slammed into his chest, the knife in her hand was forgotten and it went straight through his rib cage. Her eyes was still shut as she struggled with him groaning in pain, she lost her balance when he left her and hit the frideg. She heard his groan and that was when her eyes flew open. The tears and pain blinded her for a while, when her eyes adjusted, she saw blood everywhere, her hand was bloody then she saw the knife protruding out of his chest.

Confusion shook her “Oh my God! What have I done? No, no, no! Chukwuma! Chukwuma! Please don’t die, please I beg you in the name of God! I didn’t mean to stab you. Oh Jesus!”

Her bloody hands flew to her head then down her cheek, she went to him, lifted him up then placed him back on the ground, he was struggling to breathe. She ran to the room they shared and picked her handbag and some of her daughter’s clothes and in a few minutes she was running down the stairs. Chizaram was sitting at the end of the stairs when she ran down, without a word, she scooped her unto her shoulder, the girl didn’t understand what was happening and couldn’t say goodbye to her friends.

The only words ringing in her head was ‘run’ and that was exactly what she was doing. She got into a bus headed for Jibowu, the dried blood on her face attracted a lot of questions and concerns, she had only washed off the blood on her hands before leaving the house. Most of the questions were met with a blank expression. At Jibowu she boarded ‘God is Good Motors’ she didn’t have enough money otherwise ABC would have been her best bet. On the other hand it was a good option at least she would get away from all of these faster.


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