Chapter 6a; IceFor Hearts(Cont)


The church was extremely big; Ezinne sought the ends of the church and found it quite alright though it was as far as her eyes could behold.

“Oh boy!” she muttered under her breadth, she had never been in a church this large and it was overwhelming. She felt clumsy unfortunately she had lost her newly found friends when at the entrance she had been told to take her child to the junior Church. The ladies had bid her good bye and she responded with her appreciation before following the usher that led her to the junior church. Now here she was thinking of which way to go. One of the ushers spotted her and directed her to keep moving, at every point there was another usher directing with smiles on their faces. She followed their directions until she was ushered into a row and told where to sit. That was a little unnerving but at least she was comfortable.

It wasn’t exactly as she had pictured being in the church. Somewhere in her mind she had positioned herself into a corner where no one would see her but here she was in the midst of all these people, lost in the crowd, lost in faith yet seemingly seen by all around her. The lady who sat next to her was oblivious of her presence, she carried her chin high and Ezinne believed that her thoughts were probably as high as her chin. The service which she later understood was the 3rd being held within this morning was something of an event. Perfection was imputed into everything. The praise and worship team looked heavenly in their matching white and yellow. The lady who led the praise session was something out of this world. Her heart ached for her school day when the presence of God meant everything to her, her days of innocence and purity in God’s house, where her worship was neither unhampered nor impeded by the cares and fears in the world. Like the wise man in Ecclesiastics 12:1 said “…when the evil days come not nor the years draw nigh…” She was sure that her evil days were strong upon her.

The message was taken by Pastor Sam himself, she almost jumped out of her skin when he mounted the stage. This was Pastor Sam Adeyemi live, standing before the congregation. Even though he couldn’t see her amongst all these people she felt like he could. His opening prayer was for the healing of the nations, for the first time in a long time, that prayer made meaning to her. She felt like a nation birthing another nation. The message was centered around the topic ‘The power of Ideas’ and he did a good job in marrying the power in having an idea with the power to birth something new.

Ezinne’s Spirit came back alive after the message, the zeal to live was quickened in her, so also did the desire to do exploit. She felt new like a child just born, it was a beautiful feeling, and was as though someone had just injected her with a life that wasn’t previously hers. All her business ideas, which seamed impossible started to look possible and achievable, all her limitations faded.


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