Ice for Heart (5c)


All she wanted was to tag along but she had wanted to be sure they were going in her direction before following them like a stalker but the lady with the testimony fell into step with her, forcing her friend to also fall in line.

“I am Melissa and this is Sewa.”

“Nice to meet you ladies.” she waved at Sewa “Congratulations Melissa on your engagement. Sorry didn’t mean to listen in, the Keke was pretty small.” She smiled.

Melissa smiled broadly “thank you besides I am sure it will encourage you not to give up that God makes a way even where we can’t see any way”

Ezinne shook her head in agreement but she warned herself against telling Melissa what had come to her heart when the lady was telling her testimony.

“I am Mrs Ezinne Osondu, but you can just call me Ezinne.”

“So what church have you been attending?” Sewa asked.

Ezinne turned her head briefly to look at Sewa, it was the first word to her from the lady, yet Ezinne could not figure out if it was a query or a conversation. Either way she wasn’t about to have that discussion that would lead to more questions and then before she could control it, she would have to start explaining why she hadn’t been attending church and then from there start talking about her failed marriage.

“Well, I am an Anglican by birth, I was invited by my neighbor, Mrs Titi Akinwande”

“Oh, I know Pastor Akinwande. So he is your neighbor?”

“Yes he is” she said in an almost singsong voice that amused even her. Clearly she had said that the man was her neighbor and here was the lady asking her the same question again. And so even though she knew it was more of a rhetorical question than it was an actual question something within her told her there was another unspoken word or words beneath the spoken question but did she want to know? She had not mentioned Pastor Akinwande, only his wife yet this young lady noticed only the husband, she refrained herself from much words. There was no point pursuing that line of thought as it would only lead her to a place she wasn’t willing to go.

“The man is a good man, and his wife is lucky. I just wish there was a man like him in my generation!” Sewa burst out, her words stinging her own heart.

And there it was, the self-pity flowing with words that ran more deeply than the ordinary interpretation of each word placed side by side against themselves.

“You want to marry a pastor?” Melissa turned to her friend, this was the first time Sewa would say anything about marriage. She had always seemed so content about being single and living alone. She had always acted like she hated all men and Pastors ranked the top of her list.

Sewa lifted her nose like she had just smelt a bad egg “not necessarily. I was just thinking aloud”

“Really? That didn’t sound like you were thinking, more like you were caught off guard”

“Geez! Melissa don’t turn this on me. It isn’t wrong for me to appreciate someone that is good. The man is good and I just aired my thoughts” she replied in her defense and gave Melissa a ‘let me be’ frown.

“Come on babe, just glad to know that you have a good book.” Melissa replied and pulled at her friend’s arm, that made Sewa smile and in seconds they were discussing weddings and bridal shower. Ezinne smiled in satisfaction, glad to be off the spotlight.


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