Ice for heart (5b)

Ezinne had heard of Daystar Christian Centre before, it wasn’t exactly strange to her but at the same time she had never visited the church. She heard it from the radio, television and even on the social media but never really paid attention to what was said about the church or who was its senior pastor. At the time she looked at the wall clock it was some few minutes past 6:30, her daughter was right they should have joined the Pastor and his wife. She was sure they would have left because Titi told her that their family would be in church at 6:00 in preparation for the 1st service. She shrugged; at least she still had about an hour and 15 minutes before the first service started. Unfortunately she didn’t own a car otherwise her journey would have been beautiful. She found a Keke Napep going through CMD road to Toll gate and quickly got in with Chizaram. Two other gorgeously yet simple ladies got in the Keke with her. They were chatting away, one was telling her testimony to the other. She was talking of how God had miraculously given her a man whom she loved and admired so much, for her it was a miracle because about a year ago he had been planning to marry another lady while she kept on wishing he would just look at her. Then suddenly the tides turned and the lady left him and somehow they became friends and just yesterday he proposed to her. The way she bounced with excitement caused Ezinne to envy her. She had been excited too about being asked to marry Chukwuma only that now, five years down the line she wished she had said no instead of yes. In her heart, she hoped for the lady’s sake that her joy was worth it, and her patience was worth the wait. As she thought these words a scripture came to her, she couldn’t remember exactly what verse of the bible but she remembered it was somewhere in the book of Isaiah.

“Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagle, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint”.

She wasn’t exactly sure the passage was for her, it seemed more appropriate to the lady who was joyful about being patient, and getting the man God promised her than she who had hurriedly married a man who was now making her entire existence miserable. She turned her gaze to the road and cuddled Chizaram closer to her bosom. Thankfully the strong breeze that whizzed across her face as the Keke zoomed past various cars on the road, but failing to avoid the potholes, succeeded a great deal in drying the tears that had formed within her eyelids.

She kept looking out the tricycle enjoying the slapping of the breeze against her face, which was devoid of any make-up. The consciousness hit her, there hadn’t been the need to use any make-up in a long time since the man she would have worn it for wasn’t exactly interested in seeing her face how much more admire her.

They got out of the Keke when they got to toll-gate, the ladies paid the N100 naira fare the man had called without waiting for balance, she quickly dug in her purse and thankfully there was a N200 naira note in it which she handed over to the already impatient driver. He gave her her balance of N100 from the money the 2 ladies had given him and drove away to load again.  She lifted the extremely quiet Chizaram unto her shoulder and hastened her steps to catch up with the ladies who had alighted from the Tricycle a few minutes ago as they mounted the stairs of the overhead bridge. She groaned inwardly at the height she had to climb with Chizaram slung over her shoulder, at least it was much better that straddling her along (attempting to climb the height with her throttling along).

“Excuse me! Excuse me?” Ezinne called to them in a timid voice. The ladies,, as well as two other passerby strangers turned to her direction. The ladies stopped when realized that the call was for their attention.

“Erm, Hi. We boarded the same Keke,” she stammered pointing her thumb over her shoulder, behind her.

“I heard you ladies talking and I was just wondering if you are going to daystar?’

“Yes we are going to Daystar” the lady who had told her testimony in the Keke replied her while the other one just stood there accessing her.

“Oh ok. Erm… I was wondering if I could tag along? Today is my first day and I don’t know my way there”

“Aww, really? You are welcome. Come on let’s go,” the testimony lady answered again.  “Hello little one” she smiled at Chizaram, who was staring from her mother to the two strangers, and pulled gently at her chubby cheeks.


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