Ice for hearts (4b)

Ezinne passed beside him and walked briskly into the kitchen, she dropped her bag on the kitchen stool before putting some food in the plastic plate to enable her microwave it, thanks to PHCN, at least there was light even though it was low, hopefully the voltage would carry the microwave. While she stood waiting for the microwave’s alarm to go off she consciously concentrated on the events of the day, how her life had changed within a few hours, early this morning she was in complete despair, hopeless and almost drifting into depression, it was a wonder she had not lost her mind this past year.

Her mind flashed back to a discussion she was not privy to yet heard in by virtue of being at the right place at the right time, where one Chukwuma who a smooth talker yet had nothing, was mentioned. The salon hands who obviously had nothing to do kept going on and on about how they would deal with him for playing both of them. When they had been chatting, she strained her ears and heart hoping that it was not her own Chukwuma because they hadn’t described him neither had they mentioned the surname. She shook her head in disagreement with her thoughts, her own Chukwuma was not a sweet talker and never said what he couldn’t do. Again her head argued, disputing her heart’s stand, ‘the man sleeps out of the house! Cant you read between the lines?’ her head maintained

He must be sleeping at his friend’s place. He is a decent guy, he just doesn’t love me anymore and I am the reason he doesn’t’ her heart contended.

She shrugged, at least she had come to peace with the truth, which is that there was no more love in his heart for her, they had only been married for 5 years and for 4 years of the 5 it has been filled with hatred, anger and violence. How long was she going to endure this? She thought of Titi, and smiled at the fondness with which she now thought of her. Ordinarily she would have called her Mrs Akinwande and here she was calling her by her first name. She wondered how Titi would react to her leaving her husband, the woman was a pastor’s wife and if she hated the idea Ezinne would understand. She was still considering though it wasn’t a plan yet besides, Chukwuma would love that, wasn’t it why he was beating her on a daily basis so that she would leave on her own accord without it looking like he sent her away. She got the message clearly, was it not because of Chizaram she was still here, the girl was too small to be left without a mother or taken away from her father.

She took her phone out of her bag to call her father, hadn’t she tried several times and yet had not let the call ring before dropping it? The guilt of her father’s foresight was judging her more than he probably was, she knew it yet couldn’t ignore it. Her father hadn’t called her either, at least if he had forgiven her, he would have made efforts to reach out to her. He had only called her twice after the wedding and stopped afterwards.

The microwave alarm rang signaling the end of its heating. She took out the food and turned it over into her husband’s special plate that he alone used, as well as added his own spoon to it before setting it on a tray and carrying it to the dinning table. He was sprawled out on the sofa watching a match. She hoped he wasn’t expecting any friends because she really wanted to sleep, her head was aching from the Ghana weaving she had just made. She remembered Chizaram whom she had kept in the care of Titi’s maid and quickly rushed down to get her.

Once face to face with Titi embarrassment flooded her face, She smiled timidly at her, embarrassed at what she had witnessed at her house.

“It’s ok dear, I do not blame you for your husband’s actions. He is the author of his words and responsible for them”

“Does your husband know?” curiosity got the best of her.

“Not yet, but it wont escape him, believe me” Titi replied with an assurance that she knew who her husband was, he read her like a book and before long she would spill everything that had happened.

“You look really pretty, I didn’t know you look this good. You need to smile more often you know?”

Titi smiled in reply, “thank you ma. God will continue to bless you” she curtsied before collecting her now sleeping child from the maid standing dutifully behind her boss. They bade each other good night before Ezinne returned to the flat she shared with her husband. As she went she promised herself and her child that she was going to give them a better life. She did not have the money yet, but she made herself a promise to start saving towards her future plans.


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