Ice for heart (Chapter 3b)

“It seems like you do not have any friends?” Pastor Akinwande asked, it was more of rhetoric than a question yet she answered.

“I do sir. I just don’t invite them over, I go to visit them” she lied. Of course she had friends except that somehow she had grown apart from them, or was it that her husband had bad-mouthed everyone of them until they started staying away from her? Well her husband had bad-mouthed and insulted most of them first before they then grew apart.

Pastor Akinwande saw through her lies but decided to swallow it, what good will it do if he told her point blank that she was lying to him. Instead he decided to keep the conversation ball rolling, at lease she welcomed them in.

Ezinne got up abruptly like she had only just remembered her manners, “Can I offer you something please?” she offered quietly.

The couple immediately declined, but she insisted. Pleading with them to at least take water, in resignation they excused her. Titi knew instinctively that the sudden nicety was to excuse herself, it was clear the woman didn’t want them there, at the same time she knew Ezinne deeply needed company and someone to advice as well as comfort her.

Ezinne was out of their sight in one minute, once upon a time receiving visitors was a past time, today it was a labor. Her husband was probably going to strangle her today for allowing their neighbours into his house, she prayed he stayed out late today. Which was ever a better option than when he was home.

She took a deep breadth when she got to the kitchen, all her mojo was lost and even she couldn’t recognize herself. By the time she got back to them with the two bottles of water she had picked for them. She would have to buy that back because it wasn’t hers. They were all smiles when she placed the water on the side table next to them.

“So are you ready to talk?” Titi asked without beating around the bush. She had asked her husband to allow her handle the situation and he let her.

Ezinne was pulled aback by the confidence and fierceness of the woman’s words. They were direct and gone was that woman who had been hiding behind her husband a few minutes ago. She breathed in and out, taking her time to make herself comfortable on the couch opposite them.

“What do you want to talk about ma?” she asked back, she had gained her composure. It was a woman to woman talk yet her own calmness unnerved her. She couldn’t count herself as a proud person yet she wasn’t going to allow a woman make her feel unworthy of herself.

Titi smiled, the woman had a fighting spirit, she probably lost that in her bid to show her husband love and submit to him. He must have overpowered her and subjected the fight in her “do you want to have a friend? Or do you want us to become your friends by force.

Ezinne smiled, it was awkward to hear such a question yet it was beautiful to hear someone actually ask her that. “you didn’t come all the way to my house just to be my friend ma”

“My dear, we are here because we want to be here for you. We are here because we want to help you…”

“Help me?” she scoffed “No man can help me”

“But God can” Pastor Akinwande interjected.

She shot him a glance like he had just touched her with a piece of naked wire then slowly she recoiled. Titi watched her reactions cautiously as she moved from the defensive fighter to a vicious woman then slowly to a wounded and broken piece of work. How one woman could possess different characteristics in one body was beyond her. Yet it was good to know that there was a piece of work in there waiting to be touched and worked on.

“Ok, I will leave you ladies to have a chat. Honey I will be in the house” he kissed her before getting up.

Ezinne watched them, that was exactly the love that was missing in her own home. The little things that spices up every relationship, the love she could see in their eyes, the physical touches, the eye contacts, the words understood without being spoken. If only she had them.


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