Ice for Heart (Chapter 1c)

She sighed in despair, why was her own life this messed up? Samantha was happily married with 2 kids, there was not a day she didn’t post a cute picture of her family on instagram and to think Samantha was rounding up her program in school. Her husband obviously treated her like a queen with so much respect. She took her phone to check the last post by Samantha expecting something new and true to her thoughts Samantha had just posted a picture of herself and her daughter dressed in the same polo top with a pink inscription and blue jean trousers, on Samantha’s clothes she had the word ‘Ray’s Queen’ imprinted on it while her daughter’s white polo had ‘Ray’s Princess’ on it. She pitied herself all over, hadn’t it been because Samantha had gotten married to a cute young football player that she had been on the edge and in a haste to get married to a young cute guy too and somehow she had discarded every virtuous requirement her father had told her had to be present in the man she was to take as husband.

Who wouldn’t desire marriage so badly after what Samantha told her of how magical and beautiful her own marriage was? Samantha went on and on about how the man treated her, how he took care of her and all the muscles and money. Practically he was a die for, if care was not taken Ezinne would have snatched the man for herself but she feared ‘karma’ so much that she would rather cut her own fingers than date another woman’s husband or boyfriend. She had been told from rumors that her father’s younger sister, aunt Uchenna had snatched another woman’s husband and after 5 years of marriage the man suddenly walked away and before they knew what was happening he was married to a much younger woman and till today that her aunt never saw another man to marry her. Of course it was probably true what some of her friends who dated married men say that her aunt couldn’t remarry because she remained in the village where the stigma stayed with her. That if she had just moved to the city, someone else who knew nothing of the stereotype would have quickly married her for she had still remained beautiful even after the man left her coupled with the fact that she hadn’t had any child with him.

So asides from the fear of karma, she wanted her own man, a man she wouldn’t have to share with another woman nor fight over. So when Chukwuma came along, without prayer or counsel she let herself be swept off her feet. She refused every voice of reasoning including her inner voice. Well why wouldn’t she, he wasn’t exactly a tall man, no, but he had a manageable height, clean suit, clean shoes, well combed hair, and that smile. It was as if she saw the entirety of his teeth when he smiled and it was beautiful. Their meeting was magical and as she had then believed ‘orchestrated by the father of lights himself.’ He was everything she dreamt of, strong, smart, rich, astute and of course generous. Until now she kept wondering if those things she had seen were never there and whether they had been in her imagination or if he had covered so well, or perhaps he was just going through a rough time that he couldn’t share with her.

She opened the porridge pot again, the water had dried and in its place was the thick porridge. She put out the fire in the stove before opening the chicken pot, the steam which oozed out hit her with the tantalising aroma. She took out a piece, her tongue longing to have a taste; the hunger had risen above endurance level. She would have had a taste had it not been that her husband had strictly warned her never to eat while cooking as that would determine if she was honest or not. The chicken was tender when she took one out of it from the pot unto her shopping board. She cut a piece and tasted it and chewed on just for the satisfaction of disobeying her husband, at least she wasn’t exactly eating, she was just checking if it was ready. There was never a place except from him where she had heard that a woman who ate from the food she was cooking would be dishonest. It was the most absurd superstition she had ever heard and coming from a presumed educated man, it was appalling to her.


2 thoughts on “Ice for Heart (Chapter 1c)

  1. Obviously am impressed by ur recent article. The beginning part of the story line, the language used (diction) was nice. And bringing it in context to what’s happening in the society


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