Ice for Heart (Chapter 1a)

Ezinne gasped as she looked down at her creamy dark skin, the beads of sweat that had formed on her chest and her face had turned into torrents and were now pouring down her body, soaking the ankara she tied around herself. The wrapper was clammy enough to send any normal human being outside to allow herself some fresh air outside the burning heat in her kitchen.

The chicken pepper soup she put on the kerosine stove was fast boiling and she could see the steam bubbling away and causing the lid of the pot to rise and fall like a heavily sleeping soldier. Its aroma blended well with the yam and plantain Porridge she was cooking on the second stove and hunger gnawed at her now empty stomach.

Other than the hunger  gnawing at her stomach nothing around her seemed to have any life or  meaning. She was completely numb to her emotions and confusion was the order of her day. How many times had she asked herself this morning what she was doing wrong? Or whether there was something she could do to make her marriage work?

Yesterday night had gone all wrong, she had been lying on the bed with her chest when he came in, waiting silently, hoping that he would pretend like she didn’t exist but no he grabbed her hair and yanked her out of their bed, roughly pushing her to the side of the room. Gladly she crumpled herself into one corner and hid her face so as not to look at him and keeping the tears at bay. Within 10 minutes he was out of his work clothes, she could almost feel him as he moved from one end of the room to the other, putting aside his clothes and shoe. she held her breadth when she felt him stare at her direction. Her head was securely hidden between her knees yet she could feel the hate oozing from him.


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