I have missed here!

Geez! its been like ages, I have missed penning my thoughts down. My blog just refused to open all this while and really its been annoying!

ok, I am a lover of movies, don’t get me wrong I love reading novels and there is no basis for comparison. I was at the silver bird galleria yesterday to watch ‘war room’ by Courageous movies. The guys who produced fireproof, facing the giants, a vow to cherish etc (by the way I have watched these listed).

‘War room’ was another blockbuster, yes I was going to watch ‘road to yesterday’ but then i saw ‘war room’ on the list and trust me I was tempted to choose ‘road to yesterday’ above ‘war room’ but thankfully the voice in my head (which I have learnt to listen to) convinced me to watch ‘war room’ instead and since one ticket can only watch one movie I gave up ‘road to yesterday’ for ‘war room’ and its a decision I don’t regret.

I pride myself as a strong hearted woman (You would too if you have gone through half of what I have been through) but this movies practically brought me to tears. It awakened the half-dozing warrior in me (yea, I guess that what I can call it. You are free to change the name). I hope I can remind the women or ladies reading this to get out of your comfort zone its time to take enemy by the throat and say ‘enough is enough! you can no longer take hold of my thoughts, marriage, emotions, children etc’ you name it.


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