Yayyy! we have our first feature.

I am so excited, I got a first feature from my amiable sister, guess what? when I finished reading through I listed the book on my to do list please read below:


I just finished reading an amazing book by Sidney Sheldon titled, If Tomorrow Comes. The book’s main character is a lady named Tracy Whitney who started out with a nice, normal life as a computer expert at a bank, and was pregnant, about to get married to a man she really loved, a man from a family of rich aristocrats. A perfect life, it all seemed. And then, life happened to her. Her mother killed herself in a bid to escape from blackmail and bankruptcy brought about by a man called Joseph Romano; a leech and a societal bulldog. Tracy in her grief determined that she was not going to let her mother die in vain. This grief drove her to confront the psychopath and things turned topsy-turvy – she got framed and landed in jail. There, she experienced a rugged life which consciously or unconsciously changed her. The first shocker was that her fiancé abandoned her, without as much as hearing her side of the story because of his family’s reputation.

Fast forward to many months later and ex-convict Tracy Whitney became the nation’s most notorious and daring con-artist. She not only smartly and swiftly dispossessed expensive items from their owners, she also did it in such a way that no evidence could stick against her or be traced to her. Interpol, the Police of the different countries she went to could not nail her. And even when a very nice ambush was set for her she still out-witted them, cleanly and nicely. The very smart investigator who was specially attached to the police to help bring her down bit his fingers on this one – she simply could not be caught, not necessarily because of her very many riches but because of the use of her intellect.

How did innocent Tracy Whitney get to “the point of no return”? It all started because she went to jail, and at that, for a crime she did not commit. And when she returned, her society simply would not give her a chance to earn a decent living. The book is simply fantastic, the story, well told. It displays a very crafty use of the human intellect. The book reveals one great flaw in the ideology behind prisons and incarceration – it does not really rehabilitate anyone. Rather, the prison system is a means of hardening an otherwise “soft” criminal into a very tough and hardened one.

The book also points out the fact that one can achieve whatever one sets out the mind to do. Though I do not agree to swindling or crime, I must commend the spirit with which Miss Whitney faced her life and decided that she would not remain on the floor because her society placed her there. The human mind is all about programming. And indeed it is capable of conceiving and carrying out just about any plan. The book also brings to mind the statement from the TV series, Nikita, that “brute force will never be as powerful as deception”.

To say that the story-telling is great would be an understatement. In fact, it is superb. Well, you know, it is Sidney Sheldon. He’s terribly good at that. He captivates the reader and keeps you wondering what the next move will be. The book is suspense-filled and intriguing. If you are like me, once you pick it up, you would not want to drop it until you get to the end. I finished a 398-paged novel within three days. It’s just that good. So pals, pick up the book today and you will be glad you did.


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