Pieces on Earth by Cathy Bryant

Hello dear friends,

i just finished reading ‘Pieces on Earth’ by Cathy Bryant. To be sincere, I was asked by the author to read her book and write a honest review on it, so here it is.

The book starts with a suspense that brings a great news, and then the beautiful news is cut short by an entirely heartbreaking discovery and then the main character is standing by herself waiting, praying, filled with anxiety for the man she loves, with her child looking up to her for guidance.

Without spilling the entire story to you, which of course i am eager to do, the book is entirely Christian and filled with messages that uplifts your spirit. I tell you it showed me what it means to wait on God and still live in a time of despair. The suspense in the book is well sustained, you don’t want to drop it because you are asking yourself ‘will her husband return to her and their beautiful daughter or will he be confirmed dead?’ The characters in the book have this great personalities you could easily relate with and fall in love with. The English is simple and flows sequentially.

It is yet to be release but you can make your order on Amazon and/or Barnes and Nobles.


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