Time In

Hello readers, today I am writing about a book by Jennifer Armstrong titled ‘A good man’. Truthfully I have had this e-book for a really long time now. I started reading it last year but then I stopped because I got busy with other things but my mind kept going back to it. So I picked it up again.

I must say it has kept me longing to see the events unfold. This isn’t a review don’t get me wrong I don’t even know who the author is (I take this as a note to self to google her) but one scene flows smoothly into the next.

That feeling you get when you can actually relate personally with what the author writes. I tell you I have read a lot of novels and with many I can personally relate for example Chimamanda Adichie’s ‘Purple Hibiscus’. some other books give you insight into the life of other people.

I personally recommend this book.

N.B: You can ask me for the e-book.


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