A little morning teaser from ‘behind dark clouds’

Chris lacked words, it was the least he expected to hear and there were no words in his head to fill the silence that was now looming in the house. He knew inside of him that she expected some form of reprimanding or judgment for keeping the secret this long and in truth he was hurt that she had kept it away from him all this while. He was yet to understand how the child had come about.

“Lisa, I don’t understand what you are talking about. How can you have a child, I mean you were never pregnant” he said finally finding his voice. The words he said didn’t even make sense to him because she could have been pregnant last year when she didn’t come home.

She was still weeping but she tried to control herself and pull herself together.

“I was, but that was before I came here. I told you I was coming out of the bathroom when they came” he nodded in affirmation then she continued “it was about 9:30 pm that fateful day, when I went to take my bath, we had long finished dinner and as was usual with my parent they were playing scrabble” she smiled sorrowfully as the memories of that day went through her mind’s eye again.

She swallowed “And then I heard this loud noise, I hadn’t been in the bathroom that long, and I was scared because I had never heard my parents raise their voices at each other. I put off the shower to hear what was happening but it was hard to hear anything, when the disturbance continued I realized there was a problem. My first suspicion was that we were being robbed because we lived in an estate that had very few occupants. I could hear the ‘lie down’, ‘face down’. I didn’t know what to do but I couldn’t stay there and do nothing. I came out of the bathroom to take my phone. Then something within me told me to first put on a decent cloth, I refused and decided to make the call first but my very big mistake was that I forgot that my door wasn’t locked. I had gotten across to the police and told them of the problem, that was when I started looking for something to wear and the next thing I knew, one of them was pressing a gun into my back. I was shaking still in my towel. The man took me to the sitting room where my whole family were shaking in fear, I saw real fear in my mother’s eyes as she looked at me, standing there in my towel, I guessed she had been praying they didn’t find me” she paused to wipe the tears from her eyes, giving room for more to pour down.

“There were two other men in the sitting room, they were all masked. One of them was holding my father on his knees at gunpoint. Raymond was lying face down with the other man standing over him. They laughed when they saw me and the one who had been holding my father at gun point told him to sign a document or else he would be forced to watch while they violated me one after the other”

She shook her head as if that would take away the pain “my dad was infuriated and being the fearless man that he was he grabbed the man by the neck, but that was his mistake before he could threaten the man, they shot him. They pumped bullets into his body and then Raymond jumped up at the one standing over him and he too was shot. He fell atop my father; he had barely finished his flight when they shot him. My mother was pulled up where she lay shaking with sobs and made to watch as they raped her daughter” she wiped her eyes “they left me for dead, I didn’t know when I passed out. After more than two weeks I woke up in the hospital, where I was told that I had been in a coma. I was later told by my aunt that they killed her too after they had left me half dead soaked in blood”

Chris was too shocked to say a word, he held her to himself as she shook with sobs, he couldn’t imagine how painful it must have been for her, he began to understand why she had always been afraid when she had first come to their house, he had just entered his first year into the university and within a very short time they had become friends.

“I soon got to know that I was pregnant, I was devastated, they didn’t allow me to say my final goodbyes, I don’t know where they were buried. I was taken to the village and locked inside our house, everything I needed or wanted I was given but I had to remain inside the house many people assumed I had died along with my family. I had a beautiful baby girl. At first I hated her, yes I hated her with a passion but after three months of watching the child call for my attention, watching her smile at me even when I was frowning so hard at her, the way she held my hand with her tiny finger as if she was begging me to love her and protect her. I fell in love with that tiny girl that was a part of me, my own flesh and blood. She melted my heart” Monalisa sniffed in his embrace.


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