Your mind, not Nollywood

Hello readers,

So today I was ruminating on a conversation I had with a friend last year, she had just finished reading my novel titled ‘Murder at Dawn’ and was like “the end was not how I expected it” and I could only smile in satisfaction. That’s right, you heard me. I smiled in satisfaction, I don’t want you reading a story I have written and already knowing how it would end. Thats the whole idea of a suspense, it keeps your anticipating and longing.

Its the same with our daily lives, you don’t know what the day would bring to you yet you wake up every morning with an anticipation to see what it would bring. Sometimes it starts very interestingly and yet ends boring, at other times it may not start too well but at the end you are so glad you wish it wouldn’t end.

For me, 2015 didn’t start too well and I wondered how I was going to live through the entire year feeling left out and alone but so far so good its been a great year. Yet the rest of the year remains a mystery yet to unfold.


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