Murder at Dawn in prints.

On that fateful day, she had set out to ensure that he died a painful death. She wasn’t scared, in fact, she was feeling really good and big. She felt like she was going to fulfil a life mission, an act she knew her mother would weep that the devil had taken possession of her daughter and truthfully, she felt a force moving her to go ahead. She knew it had to be the devil yet she went ahead with her plan joyfully. That morning she greeted her parents with such enthusiasm that they wondered what had come upon her that she wasn’t sulking as usual. Her father was self employed, so was her mother. However, her mother always left before him to mind her business while he left whenever he wanted since he had workers at his small paint production company. After her mother left for work she took the pill like he had taught her to and went to his room. In a few minutes, her father was atop her, hungrily satisfying his sexual lust from her young and supple body. She endured it only by keeping her mind on the end that was soon to come. When he got down to rest awhile she offered to get him a drink before allowing him a second round. Her surprised and happy father quickly jumped at the request rejoicing that his daughter was now growing up and praising her for such an effort to please him properly instead of struggling with him like she always did. She got to the kitchen and mixed the juice with a sleeping tablet she had purchased the day before at a Chemist very close to her school. She mixed it properly cursing as she did. She carried it back to him smiling like she was really prepared to please him. In a gulp the juice was finished and he pulled her into his embrace. Luckily for her she had put in a very large quantity, one meant to be taken four times. Before he could get himself up to get inside her he was snoring loudly. She roughly pushed him away and spat on him. She rushed off to take her bath and prepared for school. She was already late. It was eleven a.m. but she certainly didn’t want to be anywhere near home when the ‘accident’ occurred. She lit a cigarette and placed it in his hand, knowing fully well that soonest it would fall on the bed and he would be burnt alive in the room and ran off to school.
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