When Grace meets your mess

Chima sat back on the bed after Adaeze left him to return to the sitting room, he wasn’t having a good day today and despite the celebrations going on in his house, he was having a severe bout of heaviness. It was difficult to understand why Adaeze loved him in spite of himself. He had always been a terrible person with the worse imaginations anyone could think of, but when he met Adaeze he wanted to change, longed to become a better person for her. She was gentle to a fault and was too good for him but she accepted him as he was. She loved him and forgave him every time he fell short. She saw a great man in him, something he never saw in himself. Yes, she was that woman that stood tall by him and supported his dreams.

He had grown up in an orphanage home and hadn’t experienced what it meant to have family and be loved by one person and he had been sure that before long she would get tired of him and leave but one year into their marriage she was still there and then two still she didn’t leave, didn’t get tired of forgiving him, he tried to be a good husband but after three years he couldn’t keep up with her constant love, didn’t want to anymore. He got tired of apologizing and trying to be as good as she was. He started to lax and before long it became a norm, he had been sure she would realize soon enough that he wasn’t good enough but she didn’t. Of course, he had known what lack was and certainly didn’t want to go back there so he worked hard and sharp doing everything he had to do just to make sure they had enough to eat and wear every day, but something was still missing, his faithfulness.
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